CSR Initiatives

How do we work with corporate partners?

We combine our passion for helping those in need with our skills, experience, and network to create highly impactful CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) campaigns in collaboration with our corporate partners. Dreamr stands out from other social enterprises by offering the following:

🔎 Full transparency. 
From a full cost vs. impact breakdown in initial proposal to impact tracking and reporting post-completion.

🏫 MOE Relationship. 
Direct and easy access to all states, districts, and schools through a trusted and proven relationship with the Ministry of Education – fast-tracked approvals of education-related CSR programs nationwide.

💡 Creativity.
Bespoke CSR projects meticulously crafted to emulate the true identity and vision of our partners in unprecedented and unforgettable ways

🛠️ Agility and Efficiency. 
Fast implementation, execution, and results – we will never be your bottleneck.

📰 Corporate communications and PR. 
In-house professional communications capabilities to draft captivating press releases and connect with the right media platforms.

Drop us an email at founders@mydreamr.com to request a proposal or a free CSR consultation 😊