About Us

     The foundersStan & Adrian

Stan and Adrian live in Malaysia. They are neighbors and friends since a few years. They founded Dreamr together in July 2019 !

Stan is born in Russia, but grew-up in Canada. He moved to Malaysia about 3 years ago and is currently CFO of a public listed company based in Kuala Lumpur.

Adrian is French, and has been around Asia for 7 years. He moved to Malaysia in 2015 and is currently working as Asia Market Manager for a french cosmetics manufacturing company.





All our t-shirts are:

- Made in Malaysia
- 200gsm
- 100% cotton
- CMYK premium quality printed

Regarding the design, it is made by our designer who has a motto : keep the originality and art creativity from children's drawing and make sure it can fit well on a t-shirt !

On top of the main front design, we have our D logo at the back, which represents our clothing brand Dreamr. We also have an inside label that has been made to give you additional information. 



The social cause we decided to focus on is children’s education, because we figured that if our younger generations get the right support and guidance, they will grow up to be successful and socially responsible so that indirectly we would be contributing to all other important causes through their future actions.

In terms of giving back, we looked at various options. We thought of volunteering for a cause and donating on a regular basis, but we were confident we can do something to have a bigger impact.

We started talking about creating an entity of our own, one that is self-sustaining so that it does not have to rely on external donations.

And this is why we came up with this idea of providing 1 Dreamr backpack to a student in need for EACH t-shirt we would be selling



5 easy steps, from a successful drawing to a self-funded packpack!
The 2019 theme was Malaysian Wildlife because we wanted to bring awareness to the kids about this important and urgent matter. 
We make sure all our participating students have a chance to win the Art competition and then see their drawings printed on premium quality t-shirts.

The Top 5 winning students get a box full of prizes: backpack, school supplies, chess, Monopoly, encyclopedia... Each present is meant to boost their creativity and their general knowledge about life. Backpack and school supplies are meant to support their smooth transition to secondary school.

Once selected, we give those drawings to our designer and then to our Malaysian printing partner, The Cottonink, who will print all those drawings on high-quality tee-shirts

As a result, the proceeds of each t-shirt sold online or in our partner stores will help us funding Dreamr backpacks for the community and all those children in remote areas.